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NL#2 : NCAAA ~ ABET (Local and International Accreditation)Administrator Account 5/27/2012516.21 KBDownload
NL#3 : Rubrics to Assess Student OutcomesAdministrator Account 5/27/20121.01 MBDownload
NL#1 : Changes in ABET-EAC Criteria Towards Continuous ImprovementAdministrator Account 2/24/2012350.82 KBDownload
Continuous Improvement ActionsAdministrator Account 10/14/2015102.69 KBDownload
NL #4 : Assessment of Engineering Professional SkillsAdministrator Account 11/13/2012783.02 KBDownload


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize Created Date
AAU Annual Report - August 31th 2012Administrator Account 8/28/20126.88 MBDownload8/28/2012
KAU_Engineering Journal Format TemplateAdministrator Account 7/25/2012237.84 KBDownload7/25/2012
Summer Training FormsAdministrator Account 7/5/2012147.21 KBDownload7/5/2012
What is new in ABET AccreditationAdministrator Account 6/25/2012223.92 KBDownload6/25/2012
Capstone Design Courses and AssessmentAdministrator Account 5/25/2012297.74 KBDownload5/25/2012
Assessment ProcessAdministrator Account 5/25/2012154.97 KBDownload5/25/2012
Capstone Design and ABET Outcomes in U.SAdministrator Account 5/25/2012325.02 KBDownload5/25/2012
Senior Design Capstone Courses and ABET OutcomesAdministrator Account 5/25/201288.00 KBDownload5/25/2012