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Historically, in the year 2003, the 12 Engineering programs in the Faculty of Engineering (FoE) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), have been recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) through the substantial equivalency status. This was the only available international evaluation outside USA at that time.  Full ABET accreditation was renewed in year 2008 based on the outcome-based EC2000 criteria for the 12 programs.  In preparation for this accreditation, the Academic Accreditation Unit (AAU) was established in the year 2005 to qualify the education system in the Faculty of Engineering to meet ABET criteria.  

Currently and after several years of hard work, the AAU has built experience in Accreditation processes that include the following four steps for education development: planning, implementing, assessing, and evaluating. This experience was transferred to several other institutions inside and outside KAU.  AAU worked with the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at KAU for qualifying its academic system for Accreditation by ABET.  Also, many seminars and workshops were conducted by AAU for the staff members at Faculties of Engineering of Qasim University (2007), Cairo University (2009) Um-Alqura University (2009), Tabuk University (2010), Taief University (2010), and lately at Jubail industrial college (2011).  All these Faculties are looking for Accreditation from ABET.

On April 27th, 2013 AAU became Accreditation Supporting Unit (ASU).  The rationality of this change was from the agreement of the actual AAU members (known later as facilitators) that the academic departments at the Faculty of Engineering have reached at certain level of accreditation understanding.  Therefore, they are able to prepare themselves for accreditation by ABET.  They just need “Guided Freedom” by facilitators who play the rules of help disk towards accreditation activities.


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What is New? (18-02-2013)

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1 - IE Program Binder, Spring 2012 is available under Download/from AAU

2- Criteria #1-3 and #6-8 for MEP are available under the program menu 

3- Contemporary issues assignment is available under Download/from AAU

4- Engineering Ethics assignment is available under Download/from AAU